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Home Range of activities

  • Strategic description of the company's functions and objectives.
  • Description the critical success factors
  • Description the technology and how it can be used for new possibilities and opportunities in the company
Overview of the required processes. Data and information flows on a coarse level.

  • Mapping how the business processes are interconnected with each other.
  • Which data are needed.
  • Data analysis.
  • Workflows.
Conceptual and/or logical data model with constraints, indexes and relations.

  • Work out how the chosen processes will be used.
  • Which programs are employed in the processes in which way.
Physical table model with tables, indexes and relations.
Data flow diagrams, data descriptions and programs.
Creation of static and parametrizable queries and stored procedures for use in forms, reports and statistics.
Layout of forms, reports layout and documents.

  • Create a prototype from the design.
  • Test and acceptance.

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